Vietnamese Martyrs

There were 117 catholics martyred in Vietnam from the years of 1625-1886. They were either Crucified, flogged, beheaded, starved and in the 1886 they were shot to death. There were many of our brothers and sisters that were killed for loving the Virgin Mary, Christ and adoring the Blessed Sacrament. Here are the names of all 117 of Our Fallen brothers and sister which were martyred in Vietnam,
Agnes Le Thi Thanh, the mother of six
Andrew Dung-Lac An Tran
Andrew Thong Kim Nguyen
Andrew Trong Van Tram
Andrew Tuong
Anthony Dich Nguyen
Anthony Quynh Nam
Augustine Huy Viet Phan
Augustine Moi Van Nguyen
Augustin Schoeffer
Bernard Due Van Vo
Dominic Hanh Van Nguyen
Dominic Henares, a Dominican bishop from Spain
Dominic Nicholas Dat Dinh
Dominic Trach Doai
Dominic Uy Van Bui
Dominic Xuyen Van Nguyen
Dominic Kham Viet Pham
Dominic Tran Duy Ninh
Dominic Cam
Dominic Huyen
Dominic Toai
Dominic Mau
Dominic Nhi
Dominic Nguyen
Dominic Mao
Emmanuel Trieu Van Nguyen
Francis Chieu Van Do
Francis Gil de Frederich
Francis Isidore Gagelin
Francis Jaccard
Francis Trung Von Tran
Francis Xavier Can Nguyen
Ignatius Delgado y Cebrián
Jacinto (Hyacinth) Casteñeda, a Dominican from Spain
James Nam
Jerome Hermosilla
John Baptist Con
John Charles Cornay
John Dat
John Hoan Trinh Doan
John Louis Bonnard
John Thanh Van Dinh
José María Díaz Sanjurjo
Joseph Canh Luang Hoang
Joseph Fernandez
Joseph Hien Quang Do
Joseph Khang Duy Nguyen
Joseph Luu Van Nguyen
Joseph Marchand
Joseph Nghi Kim
Joseph Thi Dang Le
Joseph Uyen Dinh Nguyen
Joseph Vien Dinh Dang
Joseph Khang, a local doctor
Joseph Tuc
Joseph Tuan Van Tran
Lawrence Ngon
Lawrence Huong Van Nguyen
Luke Loan Ba Vu
Luke Thin Viet Pham
Martin Tho
Martin Tinh Duc Ta
Matthew Alonzo Leziniana
Matthew Dac Phuong Nguyen
Matthew Gam Van Le
Melchor Garcia Sampedro
Michael Dinh-Hy Ho
Michael My Huy Nguyen
Nicholas Thé Duc Bui
Paul Hanh
Paul Khoan Khan Pham
Paul Loc Van Le
Paul Tinh Bao Le
Paul Tong Buong
Paul Duong
Peter Tuan
Peter Dung Van Dinh
Peter Da
Peter Duong Van Troung
Peter Francis Néron
Peter Hieu Van Nguyen
Peter Quy Cong Doan
Peter Thi Van Truong Pham
Peter Tuan Ba Nguyen, a fisherman
Peter Tuy Le
Peter Van Van Doan
Philip Minh Van Doan
Pierre Borie, MEP, France
Simon Hoa Dac Phan
Stephen Theodore Cuenot, a bishop from France
Stephen Vinh
Théophane Vénard, from France
Thomas De Van Nguyen
Thomas Du Viet Dinh
Thomas Thien Tran
Thomas Toan
Thomas Khuong
Valentine Berriochoa
Vincent Liem the Nguyen
Vincent Duong
Vincent Tuong, a local judge
Vincent Yen Do.
May the Lord have them in his most divine corner in heaven.

Lord we ask that through the intercession of our 117 brothers and sister who gave the ultimate testimony of your love, may we be guided into heaven at the hour of our death.

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