A Reflection of visiting the Relics of St. Sharbel

This past Sunday, I had the honor of visiting the relics of St. Sharbel. For those who do not know the story of St. Sharbel here is a brief history. He was born in what is now Lebanon in 1828 to a Christian family and had a passion from a young age to prayer. He left in 1851 he left to the monastery and was ordained priest in 1859. He lived at the monastery for 16 years where he then went in hermitage for 23 years. He was your typical hermit of not leaving the hermitage and spending most of his time praying and fasting. He was struck with illness during the holy mass in 1898 on December 16 and died 8 days later on the 24th. He was beatified in 1965 and canonized in 1977. His body was examined with permissions from the Church, they dug up the coffin and opened it only to find that the body of St. Sharbel was incorrupt. That shows the holy life he lived and how we should take his example so we too can become holy. I went to go see his relics at St. Joseph Maronite church and had the opp…

Returning in 2017/Regresando el 2017

Hello everyone,
We are posting this here to let you know we will be back posting lives of Saints, holy days of the church and much more. Our Spanish blog, Una Familia con Dios, got deleted, which is very unfortunate. However, we will continue posting in Spanish on this blog and make it more diverse. Also, our focus has always been lives of Saints, but there is so much more to being Catholic than that and have decided to post about pretty much everything in the Catholic Church. Stay tuned for that. Thank you for your patience and God bless you all.

Hola a todos,
Estamos publicando esto aqui para dejarlos saber que vamos a empezar a publicar mas vidas de Santos, dias importantes de la iglesia, y mucho mas. Desafortunadamente, nuestro blog en Español, Una Familia en Dios, fue borrada. Pero, vamos a continuar a publicar en Español en este blog para tener mas diversidad. Tambien, nuestro enfoque siempre a sido las vidas de los Santo, pero hay mucho mas que ser Catolico que aprender de los …

Venerable Mary of Egypt

Mary lived in Egypt between the 5th and 6th century, where she was thus given the title of Mary of Egypt. At the beginning of her teenage years Mary, like many of us believed she was now fully independent of her life, and believed the choices she made would not really matter for she was in control. At the age of twelve she made up her mind and left her home and set out for the city of Alexandria, inexperienced and with out the protection of her parents, Mary later fell into a nightmare of a lifestyle. Mary carried on that terrible lifestyle well near her 30's, in those 17 years no one could seem to grab a hold of her and open her eyes and make her understand that what she was doing was wrong. One day a group of people had scheduled a trip to the Holy Land, to visit The Church of The Resurrection. Mary managed to get her place on that boat and they set off to the Holy Land. While on the boat though Mary kept sinning and making others fall into temptation, with violent figh…

Ss. Simon and Jude

Simon belonged to the group formed in Israel. They were called the "zealots." Its purpose was to work hard against the Roman invasion in their country. However, listening to the word of Christ was for him the discovery of the universality of God's love.

Jude Thaddaeus has become one of the most popular saints for the favors given to people with regard to job search.
This devotion, and lived his life in St. Bridget. You can read in his book "Revelations" deep respect and devotion to this apostle of the first century of our era.

Why celebrate the holiday the same day?

The thing is simple. Tradition has it that the two were always together in a rich and fruitful apostolate. The Lord called him to complete the number of the twelve apostles, charged with being the continuers of the work of Jesus in the world.

Jude Thaddaeus called to distinguish it from other Judas Iscariot who betrayed, sold the Lord for thirty pieces of silver and then hanged himself.

Jude Thaddaeus wro…

St. Frumentius

Saint Frumentius was the first Bishop of Axum, and he is credited with bringing Christianity to Aksumite Kingdom. He was a Syro-Phoenician Greek born in Tyre.

According to the 4th century historian Rufinus (x.9), who cites Frumentius' brother Edesius as his authority, as children (ca. 316) Frumentius and Edesius accompanied their uncle Meropius on a voyage to Ethiopia. When their ship stopped at one of the harbors of the Red Sea, people of the neighborhood massacred the whole crew, with the exception of the two boys, who were taken as slaves to the King of Axum. The two boys soon gained the favour of the king, who raised them to positions of trust, and shortly before his death, gave them their liberty. The widowed queen, however, prevailed upon them to remain at the court and assist her in the education of the young heir, Ezana, and in the administration of the kingdom during the prince's minority. They remained and (especially Frumentius) used their influence to spread Christi…

St. Fulk of Pavia

Fulk of Pavia was born at Piacenza, Italy in 1164 and died 1229. Fulk's parents were Scottish. He was appointed to a canonry in Piacenza. Then, after his studies in Paris, he became archpriest and bishop of Piacenza.

Six years later he was transferred by Honorius III to the see of Pavia, which he occupied for 13 years. He was cannonised and his feast day is 26 October.

Ss. Crispin and Crispinian

The soul that wants to give himself entirely to God, not seeking anything for himself but to think, speak and act with the goal of God. And this is no bigotry, but a strong and intense drive to do enough for others.

Today's youth, who died in 285, are far from our history of the third millennium.

However, their works and their names are etched in the pages of the history of the Church forever.

Who were they?, What did?

They settled in Rome and learned the trade of shoemakers. And any work can make an announcement or proclamation of the Gospel and the riches it brings to the human soul.

This service is finalized to make shoes for the poor. These, of course, not charged them anything.

The rich, who knew the good job they did and the quality of the shoe, it charged them.

The beauty of these two believers is engaging the time of sale or free to speak enthusiastically about Jesus Christ.

And the most natural thing in the world.
Should live what they said because people heard gladly.

The French …