The Four Crowned Martyrs

Born in the Third century AD Claudius, Nicostratus, Castorius,and Simpronian were brothers. They were stone cutters from Hungary,because of their great skill to make statues, Roman Emperor Diocletian wanted them to work for him. After Emperor Diocletian wanted them to make statues of a Pagan god. The brothers refused to make the statues because of their Catholic faith. Emperor Diocletian said if they refused he would have all four of them killed. They refused again. Emperor Diocletian had them killed by cutting one's head, burned on a stake, eaten by wild beasts,and beating one to death. The brothers died in 305 at Sava River,Hungary. Their patronages are sculptors, stonemasons, stone cutters; against fever; cattle.

Father almighty you have crowned these four martyrs with the crown of their martyrdom to give their blood for Jesus Our Lord an Savior we ask this in your Holy name. AMEN

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