St. Leucius of Brindisi

St. Leucius of Brindisi was in the Early Second Century. Not much is know of Leucius' early life, though it is believed that he was born in Eastern Europe, to Eudecius and Euphrodisia and was given the name of Eupressius at birth. What is known, is that the young Eupressius was educated and spent the formative years of his existence in Alexandria, Egypt. Following the death of his mother he entered monastic life. A heavenly vision, during the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin, would change his name from Eupressius to Leucius. Having already been ordained bishop, Leucius wanted to undertake a missionary apostolate in Brindisi, to liberate the pagans of the misconceptions of Christianity. Leucius left Alexandria to, what was at the time one of the largest ports of the Mediterranean, Brindisi in what is now the southern part of Italy. Leucius first came to notoriety when many pagans in Puglia, heard him preaching the Gospel during a drought. He claimed that if they had faith the rains would come. After the rains fell, the pagans who had heard Leucius where immediately converted. Soon after, he became the first Bishop of Brindisi, and proceeded to build the churches of St. Mary's and St. John the Baptist. The later part of his life is unknown but according to tradition he suffered martyrdom in 180. Soon after his remains were returned to Brindisi, there they remained until the Lombard invasion of 768, when they were moved to Trani, then to the duchy capital of Benevento.

Father may the life and
martyrdom of St. Leucius of Brindisi
helpus be better Catholics
so we to can defend your hloy
Church and name.


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