St. Juniper

Saint Juniper called "the renowned jester of the Lord," was one of the original followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. Not much is known about Juniper before he joined the friars. In 1210, he was received into the order of the Franciscans by St. Francis of Assis himself. "Would to God, my brothers, I had a whole forest of such Junipers," Saint Francis would pun.
St. Francis of Assis sent him to establish "places" for the friars in Gualdo Tadino and Viterbo. When St. Clare of Assisi was dying, Juniper consoled her.He died 1258. Juniper is buried at Ara Coeli Church at Rome.

Fahter may the name of Juinper
let us be your jester so
we can love you more each
day like Christ loved

References: Wikipedia.Org

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