St. Francis de Sales

Born in Savoy in the heart of a Catholic family, a rarity in a region that Calvin had imposed his doctrine of predestination against the odds.
His father wanted to study law and sent him to Paris. But it was here that he felt love for theology and the problems of predestination.
The pernicious Calvinistic doctrine had penetrated into himself for moments.
It was believed destined for damnation.
In this state of crisis, read something that turned him completely. It was a prayer of St. Bernard.
He gave a course of 180 degrees to your life. He was full of joy, giving life to all its rich pastoral bishop of Geneva.
He also began his writing with "Introduction to the Devout Life."
He stayed and lived near Geneva, in Annecy, not to be bothered with headquarters and the emporium of the Calvinists.
He devoted himself to making contact with the Catholics of his time, helped all he could to bring it to fruition the reform of Caramel and the very foundation of the Oratory, founded by St. Philip Neri.
Enlightened by God, founded the Order of the Visitation to take the girls to the source of holiness.
The work cited above, is dedicated to all the baptized. He reminds all secular sanctification is achieved happily fulfilling daily work. That expresses the will of God.
He died in 1622. Francis is a Bishop, Doctor, and Confessor of the Church.

Father may the life of
Francis help us become
Better Christians so
We to can love you
So we devote our lives
To you.
We ask this through
Christ our Lord.

References: Catholic.Net

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