The Solemnity of Blessed Mary the Mother of God

It is the best possible start for the saints. Open year round with the solemnity of the divine maternity of Mary is the best principle and is also the best climax. She is ahead of all saints, is the largest, full of Grace for the goodness, wisdom, love and power of God, it is the culmination of all possible fidelity to God, fully human love. No wonder the superlative adjective "holy" Christian and the whole town is there is no greater power in the language of expression. Mother of God and our ... and always served his sentence.
The Gospels speak of it fifteen times, depending on the calculation is made within the same passage, pointing out once or more.
A summary of his life among us is brief and humble lives in Nazareth, back in Galilee, where she conceived of the Holy Spirit and Jesus was married to Joseph.
Visit her cousin Elizabeth, mother of the Precursor future, when you're pregnant so unexpected and miraculous six months, she lives with, helping, and exchanging dialogues grateful mystics season leading up to the birth of John.
By the edict of Caesar, he moved to Bethlehem, the birthplace of the elderly, to be taxed and included in the census with her husband. Providence made at that time the Savior was born, giving birth to the outskirts of town in solitude, poverty, and ignorance of men. His son is the Word incarnate, the Second Person of God who became flesh and human soul.
Then came the Presentation and Purification in the Temple.
Also the flight to Egypt to seek refuge, because Herod wanted to kill the child after the visit of the Magi.
Back to normal with the death of Herod, the return occurs, the family settled in Nazareth where there is nothing special, except for the pilgrimage to Jerusalem in which Jesus is lost, when I was twelve years, until Joseph and Mary was found among the doctors, after three days of desperate search.
Already in the stage of "public life" of Jesus, Mary is following the movements of your child frequently: at Cana, takes his first miracle ever can not be approximated by the crowd or mob.
On Calvary, at the hour impressive cruentísimo redemption through suffering, is present at the cross where you have been supplied and universal savior who dies is his son and his God.
Finally, he is with his new children _que attended the Ascensión_ in the "upstairs" where did this the Holy Spirit sent the promised Paraclete, the feast of Pentecost.
With the detached logical and endorsed by the gospel tradition, then lived with John, the youngest disciple, until he died or not died in Ephesus or Jerusalem, and went to Heaven, so perfect, final and complete by wanting just who wanted to glorify God.
He gave his son what any mother gives: the body, which in his case was by miraculous conception and virgin. The human soul, spiritual and immortal, the God creates and gives each design so that man is different and bred the animal. The divinity, of course, not born for eternity.
The man born in Bethlehem is peculiar. While it is God's man. Added theology classified as unrepeatable being, claiming two natures in one personality. The infinite God, invisible, immense, powerful in its nature is now small, visible, so limited that needs attention. The invisible God made visible in Jesus, God's eternal Jesus comes with temporality, the inaccessibility of God is already coming in humanity, the infinity of God is limited in its smallness, the wisdom of God is unlimited slurred human baby Jesus cry and omnipotence is now necessary.

Almighty and Eternal God
may we start this year as
pure as Mary so we can live
a pure and holy life like hers.



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