St. Cyrano

Cyrano was an abbot of the seventh century.
He lived in France in the seventh century and his life has told us and later told a biographer with many details and specifics.
Berry was the son of noble.
Eventually, he became bishop of Tours, the diocese most desirable of those times.
He was educated in the city of Saint Martin. He was introduced in court to make a brilliant career.
The father had even prepared a nice girl for marriage.
One day, Cyrano left the court. Following the devotion to St. Martin of Tours became a hermit near his grave.
Later, the clergy of the city welcomed him. Cyrano had given his entire estate to the poor the Gospel.
Without anyone noticing, he left to join the bishop Tours Flavio, an Irishman who had a community of pilgrimage throughout Europe.
Once in Rome, worked hard until they returned to France to found a monastery in the town of Longoret.
This community grew under the guidance of St. Cyrano.
That was a great austerity of life in all the monks. In other words, he fished every day you need to eat pears.
However, the most holy saints that are, are not free to slander. From this time began his life of wandering all over the place until he died in one knows not where.He died 655 AD.

Father you gave us St. Cyrano
to be an example to follow Christ.
Please let us follow Christ in the
Eucharist.We ask this through
Christ our lord who lives and
reigns with you and the holy spirit.
One God forever and ever.

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