The Nativity Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Nativity of Our Lord is one of the world's most celebrated Christian Traditions.

Christ was born in the manger in the town of Bethlehem. The Nativity was announced at the Annunciation and ended at the Nativity. Before that was the birth of Saint John the Baptist. While the Virgin Mary was pregnant Saint Joseph took her on a donkey to Bethlehem so the Child Jesus could be born among us. While Christ was being born the Three Wise Men went to King Herod's temple. They thought that the new born king was in the temple. They asked Herod where the new born King Of The Jews was. Herod got worried that Jesus was going to throw him of his throne. Herod told them when they found Jesus to tell him where he was so he could pay his salutations to Christ. The Three Wise Men followed a star to get to Jesus. While Mary and Joseph were looking for some place to stay they saw an inn but it was full. They went to the manger where people put their donkeys,horses,cows,and pigs. Once they went in Mary gave light to the world. The Child Jesus was born in the manger. When Jesus was born the town people went to visit him even an angel visited him. Once the wise men saw the star shine bright they followed it and saw Jesus they brought him gifts of gold,myrrh,and frankincense. Once Herod heard Jesus was born he sent his soldiers to slaughter any infant from the ages of 0 years old-2 years old. While Joseph was asleep he had a dream where the Angel told him to flee to Egypt. Once Herod's soldiers got to Bethlehem it was to late Jesus and His family had left. But they killed every infant from the ages of 0 years old-2 years old. We in the Catholic Church celebrate these martyrs as the Holy Innocents.

Father may the birth of your son
Jesus help us understand the true meaning of
Christmas. May we be born in heaven so
we may adore your blessed son Jesus Christ.
Whom we ask to hear our prayer.


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