St. Didier of Vienna

Etymologically means "God willing." It comes from the Latin language.
This young bishop died in 603 such a day like today. Given their merits, virtues and its unconditional surrender to the other, agreed to be a young bishop.
When his apostolate was brilliant and everyone will profess a great affection, he had the terrible Brunehaut, the woman who ruled Austrasia in the name of his grandson Thierry II had only fifteen.
Didier had no hairs on the tongue. So he had no choice but to strike hard the vices of the court, especially the rapes and all other scandals of the sort.
The Brunhault, on their own, convened a council at Chalon with the sole intention that this man of God may be silent. The year was 602.
The holy bishop was faced with a woman named Justa - that its name has only letters - which complained to everyone that Didier had raped her.
To confirm his claim, he was an employee of Thierry, to say that he witnessed the rape.
Speak to what the bishops speak of Lyon and other towns, the decision was already predetermined.
At the end, Didier was sentenced to exile. But it turns out that the woman and her partner died three years of his false accusation. The queen saw this as a punishment from heaven. Fearing the same fate for her, made Didier return to his episcopal see.
Again he ordered the queen by his intrigues and bad intentions.
Tired and angry, ordered the soldiers not to speak. They entered the cathedral, he was caught and killed him with stones outside the town that bears his name. Two years later, King Clotaire II Brunhault dragged by the hair tied to a horse. This all that is known about this saint.

References: Catholic.Net

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