St. Vincent Ferrer

Vincent was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1350. At 17 he had already so successfully completed his studies in philosophy and theology that included teachers as faculty immediately.
He entered the Dominican convent of Valencia and was ordained priest in 1375, a date in the history of the Church is remembered as the beginning of the Great Western Schism (1378-1417). The great confusion divided Christians into two obedience to Rome and Avignon. It was inevitable that even straight spirits, as Vincent Ferrer, of the pope were illegitimate. The good faith of Vincent Ferrer is tested with the fact that he has done everything possible to solve the great conflict and restore the unity of the Church. He traveled throughout Europe, warming to his great speaking to crowds of faithful, attracted also by a special phenomenon: the Dominican preacher, who only knew the Castilian, Latin and some Hebrew, "I understand all the faithful of the various nations where he went, each in their own language, thus repeating the miracle of Pentecost.
Authentic preaching the Christian message, St. Vincent recovered all the youthful vigor, even in old age as soon rose to the pulpit or in makeshift boxes in the streets, because the churches were not enough for large crowds, and this despite not touch the audience with words of hope, but customs lashed with a threatening tone. Pontificate achieved the unity of the Council of Constance and the election of Martin V, Vicente toured the north of France trying to end the Hundred Years War. He died on April 5, 1419, during the mission in Vannes, and was canonized by Calixtus III fellow in 1455.He is a confessor of the church.He is the patron saint of builders, construction workers,and plumbers.He was a Cardinal of the Church.

Father may the life of your
servant Vincent help us during
our every day life as Catholics so
we can reach the Gates of Heaven.
We ask this through Christ our lor
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy
Spirit,one God forever and ever.

References: Catholic.Net

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