St. Peter of Verona

San Pedro, Dominican martyr, born towards 1205, in Verona, the Italian city of Lombardy prey to the heresy of the Cathars, propagators of Manichaeism in the central and northern Italy. These heretics Puritans, of warlike spirit and sectarian. Peter is a very intelligent, sincere, friendly and firm in his decisions, it seems destined to be an apostle of the heretical world, his family has no problems that a child's education is headed by a Catholic teacher.
Peter has grown. The University of Bologna is deservedly famous, but still enjoys greater influence Saint Dominic, the founder of the Dominicans and their followers that captivate both students and teachers. Many people join the newly founded Order of Preachers.
Peter at 16, is fascinated by the burning words of Fray Domingo de Guzman and received the Dominican habit of his hands.
Youth vehemently dedicated to the study, prayer and lives of austerity and penance in a radical, all is faithful follower of Dominic de Guzman. After the training church, was ordained priest and appointed preacher of the Gospel of Jesus.
Soon the Tuscany Region, the Milanese and the Romagna know this fiery preacher and formidable debater, he devoted himself to preaching especially among the Cathars. An important feature is that it always was a man of dialogue.
Peter is pious, austere and spread the word of his holiness everywhere. Was concerned with the defense of the faith, for it instituted the "Associations of faith" and the "Brotherhood for the praise of the Virgin Mary." He was solicitous for the spiritual welfare of the sisters who gave their advice and spiritual help. A true religion is a believer in community life
Love Jesus and how he experiences the test, the neglect of some sectors and the attack of those who thought differently. Their presence evangelizing through the preaching continues with intensity, his organizational ability led him to coordinate and found many more small organized groups. But all this would not have been possible without the intense prayer. It is said that one day in his contemplation, in his cell Dominican visited by the Holy Martyrs Agnes, Cecilia and Catherine that dialogue in your room. Other monks carried the news to Father Prior. Conventual Chapter is rebuked and corrected because it has violated the closure and has had women religious in his cell. His answer is a prudent silence and sent to the Convent of the Mark Ancona where intensified their study and prayer ... Vent one day before a crucifix, "What evil have I done, Lord, for me as I am?". Crucified Christ says, "And I, Peter, what harm did it?". These powers give tradition, are a true reflection of the intense communication with God was through prayer. Something that had leaked to others. The people of deep prayer transpires that experience and do not need to publish their mystical experiences. Usually, they become profound reflection and apostolic activities.
Pope Gregory IX called and in 1232 he was appointed Inquisitor General: Rome, Florence and Milan will meet this apostle of Christ. Miracles endorse devoted his life for Christ and for men.
Subsequently exceeds the Convent of Piaccenza, Como, Genoa. In 1243 Innocent IV confirmed Peter as Inquisitor General, but was threatened with a plot to assassinate him.
His martyrdom is like an echo of Christ's death, it is the result of 40 pounds (the currency in Milan). It was April 6, 1252. Milan returned to the Convent of Como, where he was Prior. Near the village of Barsalina receives two blows of an ax in his head, began to recite aloud the creed, you are missing forces and wetting a finger into his blood type on the ground "CREO"
The Creed is a summary of his life, his selfless devotion, fidelity to Christ Crucified exciting she loves. He was 46. His body was taken to the convent in Milan.
On 25 March the following year Pope Innocent IV canonized him. He the first martyr of the Dominican Order

Father may the life and martyrdom
of your proto-martyr Peter help
us defend the holy Catholic

References: Catholic.Net

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