Our Lady of Montserrat

The Virgin of Montserrat was declared patron saint of Catalonia by Pope Leo XIII.
Etymologically means "serrated mountain." It comes from French.
Among a sea of natural beauty, rocks, peaks and shrines stands the shrine of the Virgin of Montserrat that appears in the ninth century.
During the time of the abbots Oliva Ripoll and spread a lot .. The latter gave a huge boost to his cult.
Practically, since it so far remains in place, and thousands and thousands of pilgrims from Catalonia, Spain and abroad spend days or hours praying before Moreneta of Serra. And from then until now is a great expansion of this Marian devotion.
Pope Leo XIII granted the privilege to be the first Virgin crowned and named patroness of Catalonia.

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The world of legend is no stranger to all these virgins. This, for example, is attributed to Luke. He says it was he who carved or carved. Virgin is a very beautiful Romanesque and Child on her knees in an attitude of blessing to all who come to this beautiful place. And the tradition continues to talk about who brought it. Some say that Lucas himself, other than St. Peter.
During the Arab invasion had to be buried until the end of the Reconquista
It is called Moreneta because, according to some authors and scholars, the smoke from so many candles lit in his honor as a sign of his protection or as a sign of asking favors or thanksgiving.
This devotion Montserrat soon reach more distant places. The sailors and conquerors Aragonese and Catalans took her to the same East and the New World.
Because of his great devotion, there are many churches built in his honor throughout the length and breadth of the Christian.
A Montserrat have come many saints from the thirteenth century. The kings of Spain have visited and samples of his faith and love for the Lady of Montserrat. Benedictine Monks give worship every day. And the choir helps to keep this devotion.

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