Blessed Armando of Zietkze

Armando was born in the Netherlands and half way through the 16th century inspired by his vocation he joined a Franciscan Monastery in order to live a fully Christian life. He was then accepted into the order and spent many years studying the sacred scripture but luckily he knew how to speak Greek and Hebrew. Using his knowledge he begun to publish his own comments on the scripture and other sacred texts, his first 3 publications were published in 1534.
His teachings had a huge impact on the world that a Benedictine Monk described him in such a way "Deep in the Bible, not ignorant of secular philosophy, witty style, good communicator, pious in his life, inferior only to Trithemius."
This young man, with his concern and his big heart, wanted to reform the Order of St. Francis, without any need to resort to the classic divisions that arise when someone attempts to reform. This was the ideal that inspired his whole life while he was a minister in the region of Cologne.
He later encountered many great difficulties in his life, which caused him to step down from his office. Which later led him to fall into a deep depression and going with those who follow the strict observence.
He loved the common life to which he decided to leave all privilages out of his life and all rewards he lived a humble and dedicated life to please God and full of sacrifice.
In his final days he began to write up until the moment of his death in 1524.

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