St. Onesimus

He was a slave,how died in the year 90, St. Paul names him briefly in one of his letters. We know that was in the service of Philemon, the leader of the city of Colossae.
He had close friendships with Paul because he was one of his converts. He enjoyed a reputation as a friendly person, generous and hospitable.
The sin of stealing his master, he confessed and begged forgiveness. Since then and never let the steps of St. Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles.
He returned to the house of Philemon and accepted as a true brother, and that St. Paul appointed him again in the letter to the Colossians.
All the rest of his life is somewhat unknown. However, authors of reputable, as St. Jerome, claim that Onesimus became a preacher of the Word of God, and somewhat later was consecrated bishop, possibly from Berea in Macedonia, and its previous owner was also Bishop of Colossae.
Other sources claim that Onesimus preached in Spain and was martyred here.
What really shocked this saint was a visit he made to St. Paul when he was imprisoned in Rome, in prisons Mamertina in the Roman Forum itself. Today we can see.
This encounter left him so full soul, so happy and impressed by the attitude of Paul prisoner for Christ, who was the true source of his conversion to faith in Christ for life.
Domitian he wanted to know, not much to see His miracles and customs, but to end his life in the year 90.

Almighty and eternal God
we ask that Onesimus
help us love your name
like he did so we can always
love you.
We ask this through Christ our lord your son
who lives and reigns with you and the holy spirit,
one God forever and ever.

References: Catholic.Net

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